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New design anti-dripping felt coating device for roofing sheet machines

2021-09-16 14:52:36

The perfect metal buildings must pay attention to climate. During winter, the big difference of temperature between day and night is easy to cause condensation. If not considered in the design stage, condensation will greatly reduce the service life of the building and affect the functionality. The cost of maintenance will increase significantly.
Anti-condensation felt is dedicated to solve condensation problems in metal buildings, it could replace insulation materials, with 20 year's life expectancy, reducing construction costs and easy to pass fire protection approval.
We are roofing sheet machines manufacturer, we design and produce the roofing sheet machines for our customers from different countries. At the same, we have device to help customers stick the anti-condensation felt on the bottom of the roofing sheet. Our anti-condensation device is simple design but realiable, it can help stick the felt on the roofing sheet very well, if you need this type machines from us, we can supply you. 

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